Program Details

  • The mentoring program will run from Summer 2013- Summer 2014
  • Recruitment will take place in the spring 2013 semester.
  • In collaboration with APAC, UIAAAN will recruit alumni and students for the program, matching pairs as best as possible along similarities in academic major, professional field, ethnic background, etc.
  • The goal for the first year is to have 10 mentor/ mentees pairs. We cannot guarantee that all requests for a mentor can be accommodated.
  • The UIAAAN Director of Programming will serve as the primary point of contact and organizer for the program, with advisement from the Board and APAC.
  • UIAAAN will outline guidelines, expectations, and parameters for the mentors and mentees.
  • UIAAAN will coordinate programs for mentor/ mentee matches including, but not limited to: a launch event in summer 2013 in Chicago; event during fall 2013; and end of the year recognition in 2014.
  • UIAAAN will gather feedback on the program in December 2013 and Summer 2014 in order to make recommendations and/or revisions