New volunteers: Blog writer: Chong-Hwey; Proofreader/editor: Lesley

Guest blog writer Chong-Hwey Fee

New blog volunteer for UIAAAN! UIAAAN is very excited to have Chong-Hwey Fee as our guest blog writer beginning in August, 2015. She will contribute thoughts about Asian or Asian American books, movies or TV programs that she has read or seen. In addition, in respect to Chong-Hwey’s privacy, UIAAAN reserves the information about her graduation year, major and other personal information. However, you are welcome to share your thoughts by commenting on the blog articles or emailing UIAAAN. Let's go and get to know a little more about her:

“Open, Sesame!” Does that phrase sound familiar to you? Well, that was how Chong-Hwey adventured into her adulthood. Long ago and far away, a man said to her that people often enter a treasure mountain with big expectations, but some come out empty-handed, while others strike it rich. Ever since, she has resolved to turn over every single rock to find her diamond in the rough. Rumor has it that she’s overloaded and cannot exit the mountain until the wealth is shared. So, she will share with you little gems hidden in cultures and languages along her everlasting treasure hunt.  Is one man’s trash another man’s treasure? Let’s not take my word for it.        

Proofreader/editor: Lesley Lee

Lesley's favorite Illinois memories/ highlights were making so many new friends and great memories living in Allen Hall and Wardall, and especially in The Navigators, a Christian student group. She had just become a Christian before coming to the U of I as a freshman, so U of I is where she really came to study the Bible and know God and His plan for her and for the world to know Him and His love. She was involved in residence hall government, ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), SWE (Society of Women Engineers), Pi Tau Sigma, EOH (Engineering Open House), and Twin City Bible Church, and she worked briefly in food service and as a tutor.  Iris Chang, who went on to be a renowned author, was a fellow Wardall 10th floor resident with she during her senior year. A highlight was attending the Urbana '87 student missions convention over Dec. 27-31 of that year, when it was like the entire U of I campus (dorms, classrooms, lecture halls, Assembly Hall) was transformed to a Christian student body, as 18,000 Christian delegates gathered to worship and attend workshops, meetings, and Bible studies, to be inspired, taught, and challenged about God's mission for the world and for us.

She decided to volunteer for UIAAAN primarily to use her native English abilities to make the organization's printed word communicate excellently and help the organization to shine. She is also still trying to figure out what her Asian-American identity means for her, and how she can give back to the Asian-American community as an alumna whose experiences (her own, as well as her parents, who were also Asian-American students, and her children, who are half-Chinese, half-Caucasian) may help make the path easier or clearer for others facing the same questions she have or had. Getting involved with UIAAAN seemed like it might help her on this journey.