New Registered Student Organization: CLAID

  • Organization Name: Chinese Language and International Development Society (CLAID) at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Brief Introduction: CLAID was founded on the UIUC campus in 2015 by a group of Chinese students who are really passionate about sharing their culture and tradition with the rest of the campus.
  • Mission Statement: CLAID’s goal is to build relationships between Chinese and domestic students at the UIUC campus by engaging them in activities and learning of Chinese culture and language. We hope that, through our club, students can have a safe zone to discuss their cultural differences and have a chance to make friends outside of classes.
  • Website:
  • Contact Information: (Club official Email) (President Junhong Xu)
  • Number of club members: 33
  • Past Events this semester:

“Taste of China”: is a biweekly cultural event held over this past semester that introduced several different major Chinese cuisines. Each of the regional cuisines is presented by one or a few Chinese students from the same region. During each event, we also tried to prepare one or two dishes to accompany the presentation. We hope that, through this event, students can gain more appreciation of Chinese cuisines and understand the history behind them.

“Chinese Corner” is a Chinese tutoring event that is designed for students who are learning the Chinese language or who have the intention to study abroad or work in China. The format of the event is half in Chinese and half in English. This past semester, we went over topics such as transportation in different Chinese cities, night life in China, and a little history of the Chinese movie industry. We hope our club members can learn more about contemporary Chinese society, as well as some handy Chinese vocabulary.

  • Upcoming Events next semester:

“The stories my grandparents used to tell”: China’s recent economic boom has seemed to make people forget what China was like just a few decades ago. Many of these events that happened over the past few decades have great impact on Chinese society today. We wish to create an event for Chinese students to share the stories that the elders in their families used to tell, so that students can get a deeper understanding of the factors that shaped today’s Chinese society.