Volunteer Opportunities

  • Local Point of Contact:

This role is providing UIAAAN local Asian/ Asian American Resources to new alumni in your area. The goal is to strengthen the network by learning the needs from local alumni and seeking support from other more developed Asian/ Asian American Communities.

  • Mentors:

For alumni and current students: Mentors for alumni is an on-demand service, when UIAAAN receive requests, we will do our best to match; Mentors for current student is an online based service. We look for volunteer guest speakers for various Google Hangout topics.    

  • UIAAAN Board Member:

If you have more time, we encourage to join the core planning team. Please contact the President, Ning Zulauf, for more details of the vacancy of the positions at nczulauf@gmail.com

  • One Time Volunteer:

Our annual Barnes and Noble Holiday Gift Wrapping fundraiser is a great group  volunteer opportunity for family and friends over the holiday seasons. The schedule is flexible and it’s fun! Contact us at uiaaan2010@gmail.com and we will put you on the list!

  • Guest Speaker and Blog Writer:

We are looking for volunteer communicators for on-site and webinar speakers and talented writers for featured stories of alumni and current events.

  • Social Media Guru(s):

Besides Facebook, UIAAAN is looking for volunteers) interested in creating, developing and maintaining LinkedIn and Twitter accounts for UIAAAN