Former Board Members


Mei Liu
Mei just graduated from the college of business in 2014 with a master degree in accounting science. She also involved in Beta Alpha Psi. As a vice president before, the most enjoyable experience Mei got from UIAAAN was being able to meet and hang out with different people given Illinois being such a large campus. Also, UIAAAN provided Mei an excellent platform to outreach with Asian and Asian American student leaders, successful alumni, and gave her a better understanding what Asian culture which helps her to connect people who share the same culture. Find Mei on LinkedIn.



Sivling Heng
Sivling graduate from U of I with a BS degree in Psychology and a minor in English. She participated in several student organizations such as TASC, AAA and Housing & Residence Life. As a student leader on U of I campus, Sivling had the unique opportunity to contribute to the local community through her leadership and help shape the experiences of tomorrow's leaders. Her UIAAAN experience connected me with a broader network of Illinois alumni throughout the University of Illinois three-campus system. It was wonderful to be able to gain transferable skill sets in my role, as well, which was a great way for me to develop professionally. Find Sivling on LinkedIn.



Sue Feng
Sue graduated on May 2012 with a BFA degree in Industrial Design. When she worked as the director or technology and graphic design specialists in UIAAAN, she learned to use the skills she had in coding and design to help promote UIAAAN. She believes UIAAAN played a part in helping me get her first full-time job after graduating from college. UIAAAN also gave her the opportunity to make new friends from meeting up with people in the organization. Besides the experience with UIAAAN, Sue really enjoyed being a part of AASHO (Asian American Student Housing Organization), AASHO hosts a lot of fun events in the student dorms as well as AACC, providing students with free food, a time for socializing, and also learning about Asian cultures. Find Sue on LinkedIn.



Justine Lam
Justine Lam is a 2009 graduate from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a dual degree in Accountancy and Finance. While on campus, Justine was heavily involved in the APIA campus community and served on the boards of the Asian American Student Housing Organization, Asian Pacific American Coalition and Midwest Asian American Students Union. Justine was also a board member of the College of Business' Business Council and a Turner Fellow for the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs. In UIAAN, Justine was a financial analyst at CNA Insurance and he was excited to reconnect with the UIUC APIA community. As the Director of Membership, Justine's goal was to further expand UIAAAN's network into a large yet close-knit community of UI alumni. Find Justine on LinkedIn.



Sharon Lee
Sharon graduated from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign with a Ph.D. in Educational Policy Studies in 2010. Her dissertation charted the history of Asian American student activism at the U of I from the 1960's through 1990's-- activism that ultimately culminated in the creation of the Asian American Studies Program and Asian American Cultural Center, two units where Sharon has worked. Through her academic, research, teaching, and professional experience, she has worked to improve the college experience for Asian American students. She earned an MA degree in US History from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a BA in History and Sociology from Oberlin College.



Jessica Wu
Jessica Wu graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with Master of Science in Accounting in May 2013. She received professional training of how to prepare journal entries and generate financial reports, analyze financial statements, and filing tax returns. She looked for developing her profession career in the accounting area after graduate and contributed to the University of Illinois Asian American Alumni Network with the solid knowledge that she has gained.



Simon Huynh
Simon graduated from UIUC in 2013 with a BS in Electrical Engineering. During his time at the university he was heavily involved in many of the Asian American student organizations including the Asian American Association, the Vietnamese Student's Association, the Asian Pacific Islander American Coalition, and the Midwest Asian American Student Union. He currently works as a software engineer in Indianapolis, Indiana and is excited to continuing working with the APIA community through UIAAAN.Find Simon on LinkedIn.



  Jonathan Chu
Jonathan graduated from U of I at with a master degree in accounting science in 2007.He participated in many student organizations on campus including APAC,AAA, Beta Alpha Ps, Illinois Student Senate Asian American Committee, etc. The most enjoyable experience of Jonathan, when he was a student of U of I, is walking down the quad on a cool fall day and enjoy the warmest and welcoming community. He thinks UIAAAN plays an integral part in bringing together alumni all across the world. Board members worked as a team to ensure that they could still represent UIUC - while away from campus. It was absolutely awesome to meet up with former alumni and catch up with them. Find Jonathan on LinkedIn.