Whether a mentor or mentee, we want UIAAAN to help you reach out and receive or give help as needed. Check out our first mentoring interview by Ben Moy (BFA '15) on YouTube. Contact Julian Ignacio to get started now.

Have you ever wished you had someone "show you the ropes" as you graduated college? Maybe you went back to your Asian home overseas but didn't want to forget your American experience, or maybe you felt quite alone as you hoped/looked for a job in the U.S.? Wouldn't it have been nice to have had the counsel of Asian alumni who had "been down that path before you" tell you about how to get a work visa, or where to interview (or where NOT to), where to settle, what kind of job to seek or avoid, how to establish and grow your career, especially as a minority Asian among non-Asians? Or possibly you faced more social challenges like marriage (to marry or not? Asian or non? what about dual career couples in different cities/states/countries?) and kids (what to name them? what language to speak to them? how to get them to appreciate your Asian culture and language when maybe all they want to do is "forget about that" and "fit in" to the American/other culture around them?) or wonder how to make friends (with Asians? Americans? Others?) now that the comfortable, close-knit environment of fellow international -- or just same-aged, or same interest/major -- peers in campus classes, hangouts, and clubs is gone. Well, that's what mentoring and mentors are great for -- to be "wise, loyal advisors, teachers, coaches" -- according to the Webster's New World Dictionary in my home. 

If you long(ed) for such coaching, advice, wisdom, help --  you'll be glad to hear that UIAAAN is relaunching its mentorship program! We want to make resources available to new graduates and those wanting mentoring in the easiest way possible, so our first Hangout on Air was launched on March 15th, 2016, with entrepreneur alumnus, Ben Moy, class of 2015, BFA in Industrial Design, talking about how he connected with more experienced alumni for his personal and professional growth. The 24-minute clip is available on UIAAAN’s YouTube channel. Take a look!

This time around, our mentoring program is going to be more free-form than it was 2 years ago, with hopes of fostering more relationships, both among alumni, and between alumni and current students. Please contact Julian Ignacio if you would like more program details, either as mentor or mentee. Please don't be intimidated, shy or frightened to get involved -- either feeling that you would have "nothing to share" as a mentor, or be "afraid to ask a dumb question" as a mentee.  Any of you who have passed a stage of life, made decisions and choices, learned from or just been through experiences, that a student or younger alumnus than yourself has not yet been through, are qualified to be mentors and help younger ones along.  And who of us wouldn't always love some help, comfort, perspective, guidance, from a person who has already been through what we're facing -- to be a mentee?  The UIAAAN mentoring program doesn't involve lengthy or formal commitments; we just want to facilitate the transfer of experience and wisdom among us all, and we believe some good friendships and community can spring up along the way.  Drop Julian a line today!